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We are a family owned business that has been in Waco for over 60 years. Being from Waco, we have seen this beautiful city grow in so many ways. Growing up as a child in the 80s, visiting laundromats were always a weekly routine. My sister and I enjoyed going with our mother to play arcade games. while she did the laundry. As we got older and we began helping our parents at the laundromat, we noticed that most of them were becoming outdated and started falling apart. As I became an adult, my mind would always wander to my past and the great memories of visiting fun laundromats. One thing that is lacking in the community today is a laundromat that is enjoyable for everyone to use. This idea of building such a laundromat was a no brainer. In 2018, I began searching for the perfect site to build my laundromat. After countless days looking, I finally found a location that would benefit the community and fill such a needed void.

In 2019, when I began my journey to construct the perfect laundromat, I made sure that I did my homework. With the help of my mother, we traveled endless miles visiting laundromats across the lonestar state to see what we did and did not like. As we began visiting other laundromats, we started noticing the same trends. Nearly all of these laundromats were dark, filthy, small, and most importantly, unattended. A lot of the machines were broken and lacked the proper care, which made visiting laundromats enjoyable. She and I spent several months noting what we thought were essentials for when I begin construction. I knew that if I was going to go for it, I was going to do it the right way.

In 2020, I took all of the notes and  ideas that we had written down, and finally began construction. I made sure that we paid attention to all of the details in building the perfect laundromat. I wanted to have pleasant background music being played, bright lights everywhere, arcade games for the kiddos, the best snacks available, enjoyable TVs for adults, and most importantly, unparalleled washers and dryers. I wanted to have innovative technology throughout our equipment that would leave a lasting impression to our customers. After a few years, we finally did it. It's 2021 and My Xpress Laundry is open for all to enjoy! 

 At My Xpress Laundry, we offer self-service laundry, wash & fold, commercial laundry, and dry cleaning. We have recently added FREE pick-up and delivery to our wash and fold services. We strive to keep innovating so that we will always be set apart from the competition. We will always have friendly attendants on duty to help answer any questions that you may arise while visiting our laundromat. We promise to keep the laundromat bright, clean, and secure at all times. Excellent customer service is who we are. Thank you for visiting My Xpress Laundry. Let's build some lasting memories together!

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