​Frequently Asked Questions About My Xpress Laundry

Laundromat Questions:

We open at 7 a.m. Our last wash is at 9 p.m. and we close at 10 p.m.

We are a card store. You can purchase money on the card with money or a credit card.

There is more than enough parking around the laundromat.

We have both 60 and 80 pound washing machines.

Wash and Fold Questions:

The normal turnaround time is the next day. If you need it the same day, it is 50 cents a pound more.

The minimum is 10 pounds.

Large items such as comforters, sleeping bags and pillows are charged by the piece rather than the pound.

We use a high-grade commercial detergent, but if you pay 10 cents a pound more, you can request a name brand or a hypo-allergenic detergent.

Pickup and Delivery:

If you sign up to be a recurring customer, you will choose between having your clothing picked up weekly or bi-weekly. Because you are committing to this schedule, you receive a 10 cent a pound discount.

You can go into your account and request certain weeks off.

No, we never sign contracts. As long as you are happy with our service, we are sure you will stay with us.

You can tell us in your account where you would like us to pickup or drop off your clothes. Examples are the front porch, back porch, behind the gate, with the apartment manager, or in an unlocked garage. We will follow your instructions.

We pickup and deliver Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your clothes will be returned on our next delivery day. It is usually a two day turnaround.