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Laundry in the Age of Pickup and Delivery

June 01, 2022

Pickup And Delivery Laundry Van Min 1 Min

The world is changing. People are extremely busy with work and family. They needed to find shortcuts to free up some time in their day. We are now in the age of pickup and delivery. Today, people use Door Dash and Uber Eats to get their cooked dinner delivered. Today, people are using Amazon to purchase items that they once went to the store to get. Grocery stores have begun delivering groceries. And today laundromats are beginning to do pickup and delivery laundry service.

While this service started because people were just too busy to spend an afternoon at the laundromat, when Covid hit, many felt unsafe going out. Spending a couple of hours in the laundromat was high risk to many who were elderly or had pre-existing conditions. Even young and healthy adults didn't want to expose themselves to the possibility of getting Covid when there was an alternative.

So My Xpress Laundry decided to offer pickup and delivery service to an area about 15 miles in and around Waco. You can request contactless pickup and delivery by putting your bag of dirty clothes on the porch. We will pick it up and return clean and folded clothes two days later. You'll love the service and believe it or not, it is the same price as in-store wash and fold. The minimum is larger, but the convenience makes it worth it.

Stay safe! Avoid groups whenever possible. Schedule your pickup and delivery with My Xpress Laundry!

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